Meet the Puppers...

...and the hoomans too. Three women with a love for puppers in their hearts; that's how Hey Pupper started.
Meet Belle! Belle is a hefty hound dog! She is very smart, and intense, often pondering lifes biggest mysteries whilst draped upon her favorite armchair. 
Meet Deva! Deva is a perky pointer! Watch as she zooms from room to room in pursuit of her favorite tennis ball of the day. You'll swear she is an aspiring aerial  artist once you see her flying leaps and twists high into the sky! 
Meet Renee! Renee is a boundless beauty, inside and out. She is generous, and thinks of others long before herself. Renee is smart as a whip, and a Girl Boss through-and-through, breezing though any complicated business conundrum with ease!
Meet Kirsten! Kirsten is a positive people person. A pastry chef during the day, and bandana creator by night. She has a creative mind and loves to create, create, create. 
Meet Karissa! Karissa is a fiery friend! She daylights as an Active Life Coordinator, where she uplifts peoples days and hearts. A perfect balance of sass and sweet, you're sure to love Karissa!